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Quick Vacation Back Home on the Islands

 We went home to Hawaii for a last minute trip.  I really didn't want to travel during the summer because Hawaii is so expensive and extra crowded during the summer but an old friend of mine had mentioned he had a room and car for me and it was a no brainer.  I booked the tickets and after that things just got crazy and we almost didn't make it back home!   Our hotel fell through due to plumbing issues and I was scrambling a few days before our flight to find a place to stay.  My other good friend eventually found us a place but it was expensive but since we already had our tickets and had already gotten tested for Covid, I decided to bite the bullet and pay for the hotel.  The scary part was, we had to pay up front and no refunds no changes so then I was even more stressed because we didn't get our covid results yet and I was worried if one of us was positive, I'd be out all the money I just paid for the hotel!!!  Thank goodness that night I got the results back and we

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