Balenciaga 2005 APPLE GREEN WORK!!

Balenciaga Work bag. 2005 Apple Green!!!!
So, I got one of my sought after bags of all time..super rare and hard to find..and turns out that it DOES NOT MATCH MY SKINTONE!! It is by far the most gorgeous color and yummiest leather and yet I can't even wear it because it looks awful next to my skin! I want to cry!! I now wish that I had no bills so I could justify keeping her as I cannot just have a bag that is worth so much money and not even use it or take it out....what should I do??

I am going to list her for sale here on my blog, but not on ebay until I can figure out if I really want to sell her or not..this is the worst feeling in the world..=(

So here is the info on the bag:

This bag is in REALLY good condition. The corners show little wear and scuff, the handles have just SLIGHTLY warmed but not bad. There are a few white scratches/marks on the bag which I took pictures of..barely noticable but it's there. There is one small little nick in the bottom left corner of the bag as you can see in the picture....and the bottom of the bag as a portion of it where it is darker I think it's a water it got wet maybe? but the bag itself is gorgeous and those things are really minor..Just wanted to put them in the description so you know what you are getting. The mirror also has a little white scrape or mark as shown in the picture as well.

This bag will come with mirror, cards, extra tassels

I require that you have a CONFIRMED paypal address.

I do not accept returns..this is a final sale..i'm trying to cut down my balenciaga bag collection..=) thanks

If you have any questions please email me!


COURIER: damask, 06 rouge vif
WORK: 05 black, 05 turquoise, 05 magenta
weekender: black, rouge theater/rouge vif

Email me and we can work something out with the trades***************

* item: 2005 Balenciaga Work Bag
* size: large
* color: APPLE GREEN
* price: SOLD!


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