2008 Balenciaga Turquoise Mini Coin Purse

Balenciaga Coin Purse. 2008 Turquoise color. These are sold out in stores and pretty hard to find.

Condition: I just got this a few days ago but one of my HG coin purses came along and I need to sell this one to fund my HG Coin Purse..so sad as I am to let this beauty go, I have to..She came to me brand new and I never used her since I got her a few days ago..I only took her out to take photos. There is only one tiny flaw, it has a small pin size black spot on the back..i took a picture of it..but other than that this CP is BEAUTIFUL!

What is comes with: This coin purse comes with dustbag and tags.

I require that you have a CONFIRMED paypal address

If you have any questions please email me!

Some of the photos look really light but it's just the lighting.

Here is a stock picture from balenciaga so you can bettee see the actual color:

* item: 2008 Balenciaga Coin Purse
* size: small
* color: Turquoise
* condition: brand new
* price: SOLD!


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