Balenciaga 2006 Black Work Bag

I would love to keep this bag but I have to sort out my collection and sell stuff that I don't use much or don't work for me as much as others do.

My 2006 Black Work is beautifully broken in...It is well worn but still black and smooshy. The corners show wear but not bad since it is black. The handles have been well used and probably warmed but since it's black you can't see the's just softer than a new bag is and one of the handles has wrinkled up from use. I only used it for a week everyday but the previous owner used it as an everyday bag that is why it shows the wear on the handles and corners. The body of the bag is amazing. It has different leathers where the front body is really smooth and squishy while the edges have an even distressing to it(as pictured). The one buckle has a scuff but the other doesn't so I posted a pic of the one with the scuff. The tassels are not split as I believe the previous owner used the extra tassels on them. They are slightly puffy like they may split later on but are still intact. I love this bag and she is beautifully broken in and I really hate to let her go but I need to pay bills so I can't keep my bags.

This bag comes with mirror, dustbag, and card (but not the one that has the season numbers on it) sorry that is how she came to me.

I require that you have a CONFIRMED paypal address or I will refund your money.

I do not accept returns..this is a final sale..i'm trying to cut down my balenciaga bag collection..=) thanks

If you have any questions please email me!

Just wanted to add 2 more pictures of the bag that I took yesterday just her being smooshy and yummy!

* item: 2006 Balenciaga Work Handbag
* size: Large
* color: Black
* condition: good
* price: $1600 / OBO


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