Balenciaga 2006 Rouge VIF Work Bag

I would NOT be selling this but I really need to pay off my cards so I am going to have to get rid of all my here it is..

My 2006 Rouge VIF Work ...This bag is pretty rare as far as I know. I think I haven't seen more than 1 or 2 of these in pictures in this style. I don't know why. Maybe all their owners do not want to sell them..This is really gorgeous and pretty red color and the size is perfect for carrying a lot of things. The leather is buttery and smooshy and varies all over. Some parts are more smooth and less distressed than others and the back is evenly distressed and smooshy. The handles have warmed a bit and is darker than the rest of the bag. The corners show a little wear but not bad. The bag has slightly darker area on different parts of the bag..mostly in the back or top near the zipper and a bit on the sides/edges. Some parts look a little more dry than the rest of the bag i'm not sure what it's from whether it's dry or white stuff on it I tried to take as many pics as possible so you can see it. The pics look worse than the actual but i wanted to get clear shots so you can see it... but I'm thinking some moisturizer or leather products will help that. There are slight scratches/marks on the bag but not really noticeable. There are indentation marks from where the handle rests on the metal hardware as shown in pics..The tassels haven't split but are getting puffy like they may split later. I love this bag and only used it 1 time since I got it from the original owner. But I think the original owner must have used her quite a bit. She is beautifully broken in and I really hate to let her go but I need to pay bills so I can't keep my bags.

This bag comes with dustbag only. sorry! that is how she came to me.

I require that you have a CONFIRMED paypal address or I will refund your money.

I do not accept returns..this is a final sale..i'm trying to cut down my balenciaga bag collection..=) thanks

If you have any questions please email me!

Here are pics of the dry/white spots:

UPDATE!! a sweet friend told me that you might be able to get rid of the white dry areas with LMB antibacterial cleanser which should help get the PH or something back and make it disappear..worth a try if you want to do that..although it isn't as bad as it looks in the photos =)

*Here are pictures I took today 08.22.08 of this beauty in you can see how slouchy and yummy she is =)

UPDATE! 08.25.08
I got the LMB antibacterial cleanser and applied it to a small area and it almost all came off =) i haven't done it to the entire bag but just thought i'd let you know so the winning buyer can try using it for themselves.


just thought i'd add updated pics since i used the cleanser..the white is not from spots it is just the light reflecting on the i tried to retake as many pics of the areas i had previously stated there were dry marks and you can see most of them came off =)
and the last few pics are pics of the bottom of the bag..just the scratches or marks that i think i mentioned in the beginning but i wanted to post pics again in case i missed them

item: 2006 Balenciaga Work Handbag
* size: Large
* color: Rouge VIF red
* condition: good
* price: SOLD!


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