2006 Balenciaga Rouge Vif Red City Handbag

Balenciaga City Handbag. 2006 Rouge Vif color. These are sold out in stores and pretty hard to find these days. I know Im going to regret this because this is one on my Holy Grails but I cannot afford to keep bags I will not use and especially this one because I would need to get her fixed somewhere.

Condition: I got this and paid a lot of money but it came with the little piece that holds the ring coming apart but only on the top half of one side..the other side is completely secured and sewn on and will not come off so I believe it wo't come apart at all (it's really not as bad as I make it sound but I wanted to note it..I don't think it will come off but I ALWAYs use the strap and carry a lot of stuff so I would rather have it fixed) and I don't really know where to take it I think you can take it to a shoe repair place but I am super lazy and picky at the same time so I don't want to go and find soemwhere to get it fixed..It was not known when I got her that she had this flaw..it is very minor but it bothers me so she has to go...she's in REALLY GOOD CONDITION! The pervious owner took care of her and hardly used her..she is very soft and squishy. The pervious owner also moisturized the bag when she got it but there is NO smell at all. There is minor wear on the corners..it's not so much wear as just a little darkened, the handles have SLIGHT warming but barely at all, and the handles at the base also have dark marks from it resting on the hardware (all pictured), the bottom has a few lihght scratch/marks i pictured those as well and the back may have a SLIGHT darkening at the bottom from jeans transfer? this is how she came to me she is absolutely gorgeous and it pains me to let this one go but I am so picky I can't keep her. Other than that the bag is the most softest and saturated 06 vif city I have had and this one is my 3rd one. I tried to take as many pictures as I could of the things mentioned above.

What is comes with: Dustbag, mirror, extra tassels, cards.

I require that you have a CONFIRMED paypal address

If you have any questions please email me!

I wanted to update a few new photos I took of her with better lighting as of today 09/16/08..these first 4 pics truly represent her color..beautiful red!

These are the older pics I took while I was at my parent's house..the lighting was not good.

Pictures of the secured side and the other side top half coming off:

* item: 2006 Balenciaga City Bag
* size: medium
* color: Rouge Vif red
* condition: GREAT!
* price: SOLD!


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