Balenciaga 2007 S/S Black Courier

Balenciaga Courier Bag. 2007 S/S Black color. Retail is about $1275..These are sold out in stores and pretty hard to find these days. I know Im going to regret this because this but I have to take care of a few things and have to just sell my bags..

Condition: I got this brand new with tags a while ago and used it about a month straight and then put her back in the dustbag to give her a break..and i used her about a week this past week and then put her away and am now using my city bag. She is still in really good condition and has broken in so very nicely! she is soft and squishy..her leather is thin but not so thin it feels like it will break. Just thinner than my other 2 black couriers I've owned..but she is DEFINITELY more black than any of my 06 or 08 black couriers I owned..that is why i kept this one of the 3..the leather varies n the entire bag..each panel is different like the top of it has more disteressing that the bottom..the little piece that holds the strap has a little fray threads as pictured in the pic with the rivet..but can be cut off.
the bottom / base piece of the bag is slightly lighter/grayblack then the rest of the bag..i think it's cause its the stiffer part of the bag which is the has always been that way when i got her..but it's not a huge difference..she has 2 scratches on the front body there is a picture of both one on the body and one on the little smily piece with the 2 studs by the pocket..and then there are a few scratchs on the bottom but you can barely see them and when worn you wont see..there are a few scratches on the strap as pictured..she stil has a nice leather smell..she really is gorgeous and the perfect bag for someone!

What is comes with: Dustbag, mirror, cards.

I require that you have a CONFIRMED paypal address

If you have any questions please email me!

scratches on bottom/base:


stiffer base/color SLIGHTLY lighter than body:

few more scratches on the base but front of base:

scratches on body front:

fray on strap/rivet:

scratches on strap:

Here are pics of her recently that I took of her broken in and slouching:

* item: 2007 S/S Balenciaga Courier
* size: X-Large
* color: Black
* condition: used but excellent!
* price: SOLD!


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