2008 Balenciaga Ruby Red Rubisse Courier

Condition: I have to sell this beauty as well..and this is one of the hardest things ever as I love the courier style and I love this color and the leather on it is beautiful..It is thick, chewy, and super saturated! It is still in like new condition as I bought it brand new and used her about 3 weeks straight and then back in the dustbag she went. She has amazing leather and is smooth on some parts and evenly distressed on others..She only shows a little wear like a few white marks/ scratches on the bottom/base of the bag and maybe a few on the front and back as well but not really too noticeable...and I think that is about it. It still has an amazing sweet new bag smell =)

Here is a link to where I posted her getting broken in:
Ruby Courier @ TPF

What is comes with: This bag comes with dustbag, mirror and cards

I require that you have a CONFIRMED paypal address

If you have any questions please email me!

* item: 2008 Balenciaga Courier
* size: X-Large
* color: Ruby Red
* condition: almost new!
* price: SOLD!


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