Chicken Avocado Sandwiches

I was watching Giada cook for the millionth time in my life the other day and she made this amazing looking Neopolitan made me want to make it and see if it tasted half as good as it looked..she said it was a light sandwich but it was NOT light since it required puff pastry instead of bread which is DEFINITELY not light..but it was, indeed, AMAZING! She made it as a 3 layer but I figured it was going to be too large to eat from top to bottom so I made it 1 layer instead..came out extremely tasty..


Ha-ha, I love Giada. How does she stay so tiny? I want to be Italian after watching her show.
Jill said…
That looks so delicious. I went through a phase of obsessively watching cooking shows, but I never tried anything so I've mostly stopped now.
i have NO idea how she stays so thin..but i noticed her mom and sister are thin too! but she makes so many fattening confuses me LOL
jill: you should try making something easy and you know you like to eat..that starts the obsession hahaha..i've been obsessed with food network forever! i would watch for hours and hours hahaa
Lesley said…
Haha I watched that episode today. I loveee her! I don't get how she can eat all that and still be sooo tiny!
ashley said…
avocados make everything taste better.

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