DDD Obsession

I LOVE the Food Network. I have watched it for years..like over 10 years now. But only lately have I been MORE into cooking than ever before. I think it has something to do with me being a stay at home mommy..Lots of time at home to watch food shows! I really like Diners Drive-ins & Dives. I always get great ideas and inspirations from the foods I see on the show. There is always a lot of variety at all the places he goes to see and it makes me want to make foods that I have seen. Last night I tried making this mexican thing I saw on an episode recently called Carne Adovado.  It was surprisingly light and tasty.


Just the name sounds good! Have you heard of www.tastespotting.com? If not, check it out!
Angela said…
looks yummy... i like to watch food network too but i don't cook much.
Jaime Jun said…
i LOVE foodnetwork! my favorite is giada and ina! haha i seriously watch them every day :) the food looks delicious!
giada is my fave too!!!! i love ina as well..she makes amazing foods!
Love + Cake said…
Yummm!! I've been meaning to learn how to cook...it's one of my new years resolutions. Nice blog!

xx. mavi

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