Feels Like We Are Always at the Doctors

Z has been really sick for the last 3 days and I finally had to take him to the doctors..after waiting for almost 2 hours, we got to see her and she tells us that he has a virus but to let him wait it out and hope he gets over it over the weekend..I swear, since we had Z we have been to more doctors than I've been my whole life..I hate going to the doctor. After that we went to costco for some groceries and then stopped for their pizzas as Z calls them PAPAI!

shirt- forever21, jeans- hysteric glamour


Cute outfit. Poor Z, I hope he gets well. I was a "sickly" child myself (my father actually called me that, which I took great offense to), thankfully I grew out of it. Hopefully Z doesn't need too many more doctor visits!
it's not so much he's a sick baby..it's just we never used to go to the doctor, then when i got preggo, i HAD to go all the time for checkups and since then it's been a lot of doctors..i always forget which floor i have to go to since we have so many different places to go hahahaha but this is the worst sick ever..poor guy
paanie said…
love that outfit!

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