Homecoming Dinner

I decided to try making meat jun which is some sort of marinated thinly sliced meat in egg and then pan fried. My korean friend told me that it isn't even a korean dish..it must be a local Hawaii thing..but even her husband loves it! It's really very easy and it came out really yummy.  Anyway, I thought I'd post a pic of what I made..I made a side of this japanese spinach that my mom used to make for me all the time with sesame seeds..it's so yummy sometimes I eat just that for dinner =)


Jill said…
Yum! What is the name of the spinach?
honestly i have NO idea! my mom called it horenso (not sure how to spell it) but that is just japanese for spinach. it's just got blanched spinach with shoyu and mirin and roasted sesame seeds in it..very healthy for you and tastes yummy! =)
That looks and sounds delicious! Hawaii has the best flavors from the world melding together in one spot!
paanie said…
looks delicious. the picture's making me hungry!

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