Keep or Not to Keep

Have had these in the box sitting for almost 2 weeks now..just trying to decide if I should keep these amazing boots or not. I love them but I can't wear there here where I I would only be able to use them a few times a year whenever I go somewhere cold. Not sure if it's worth keeping..I know they can be worn forever and I probably would never have to buy another pair of tall boots..but I like having things I can make use of all the time...but these are so comfortable!! And gorgeous. I only have 2 more weeks to decide before I can't return them anymore..UGH..wish I could keep everything and HAVE everything LOL

jeans-j brand, boots-lanvin, shirt-nation LTD

Please excuse the potty in the background...we are in the process of potty training our little terror LOL


Jaime Jun said…
KEEP! i loveee them :)
Rachel Nguyen said…

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