Noodles for Days

Z is absolutely obsessed with noodles..pasta noodles. He loves them plain with nothing on it but butter..he is a funny little man. His favorite place to eat is California Pizza Kitchen. Everytime he sees the restaurant at Kahala Mall, he says, "MUM MUM!" and we end up eating there. He always wants the same thing, Buttered Fusili and I always get the same thing too..the original chopped salad with no meat and substitute avocado please! He gets the obsessed-I-can-eat-the-same-food-everyday thing from me, I think..poor guy. So, anyway, no surprise, we ate lunch 2 days in a row with "L" and we got the same food 2 days in a row..HAHAHA..Anyway, this was his leftovers which was nicely packed away in a little container for him for later..AND his gummy bears which he loves equally as much.

jeans- true religion, shirt- nation ltd
1 of 2 fave rigid jeans..i do not like rigid jeans but this one is probably the only one next to my DUC sammys..


Girl Next Blog said…
Thanks for stopping by!

I'm vegan too by the way :) Great blog!

Blicious said…
mmmmmmm!! cute blog!

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