Red Pants Red Pants Red Pants

I've been waiting for my red skinnies to come in for a while now..sometimes I swear, waiting for things in the mail takes FOREVER!! Then to fuel my wait..I see a picture on x17 of the gorgeous Agyness in her red pants..she looks amazing and she is so adorable! I wish I could look half as good but that is why she's a supermodel and I am NOT LOL =)

photo taken from x17online


I'm not a fan of miss Aggy, but I do love this outfit. Those pants are hot.
i'm not the biggest fan but in some pics she is sooo cute that i like her..=) like this one..she's super cute in this pic =)
missnonhuman said…
Agreed about not being a fan of Miss Deyn, but she does make the red on red look freaking good.

I got the Stella wedges on Intermix a few weeks back. I'm not sure if they're still on sale, but try to see if they're available anywhere.

As for hamsters, I have a dwarf hamster and they are extremely easy to care for. Some do bite, so they're not that easy to snuggle with, but they're amusing to watch and very lovable. If you're going to get one, just Google some care tips and it's all very simple! :)
McDade said…
She's a cutie.
Jaime Jun said…
aww she looks cute, although i don't think i can pull those off haha

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