Sugar Cookie Sprinkles!

We still have so much sugar cookie stuff from holiday time so I decided to make some for some friends last night to cheer up little Z. He loves helping to put the sprinkles on the icing so I let him help made a huge mess all over the place but it cheered him up so that was all that mattered!! =)

boring outfit: shirt- BGD, jeans- J Brand, shoes- chucks


jaleh behtash said…
cute casual outfit :)
and omg those cookies look so delicious.
Anonymous said…
i need the cookies!!
could send you some when i make more =)

my son LOVES making them and since the cookies are from the mix it's easy..and i just make the icing with powdered sugar and milk and food coloring =)
Stacy said…
Now I want to go make some cookies myself.

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