Wish I Were a Heels Girl But I'll Stick to Flats

I really love heels..the look of them..but I can't wear them here. People will just think I'm going out somewhere. I stick to flats and yet, even when I wear sandals I still feel like I'm dressing more than I need to..it's pretty laid back where I live..and when people see others dressed up, the thought is, "Where is SHE going" LOL
Anyway, this is my outfit for the day..nothing special. We had to run errands and have a playdate with L & Y

jeans- siwy, shirt- in4mation, shoes- steve madden, headband- AA


Great outfit. I love your sandals. I can't wear heels because I can't walk in them. I lived in Hawaii for awhile...graduated from high school there; it is really laidback. In a good way. :)
really? which highschool? yes, it is laidback but in a good way..just sometimes i miss being NY where you could dress up any time of day and no one thought anything =)
Sacred Hearts...it was actually the first and only private school I ever went to and the only time I had to deal with a uniform.
You've lived in NY? That does seem to be the perfect place for dressing nicely...well, in America at last. So many places in Europe and Asia also seem awesome fashionwise.
Anika said…
Love the outfit :)

And I don't wear heels during the day either (other than to work, but that's different), just at night. It's acceptable then!

I live in a place where I'd get strange looks if I did. And whilst I don't care too much about what people think, I prefer to be in flat but funky shoes :)

Have a great week, bella
Anonymous said…
U look great. I especially like your sandals!

I do live at a pretty conservative place where most people, especially the younger crowd in my age, seem to think dressing up makes you completely shallow and unsubstantial, so even though it is a big city, people do not get that whole fashion thingy at all. Wearing high heels once in a while then becomes some sort of rebellion against this haha. I think one should nevertheless do something most people would not just for the sake of it ^^
Very true! I bet if my hubby were a bit taller than me, I'd probably wear heels more often heehee. He's the same height as me which makes me self conscious like godzilla next to him in heels! So maybe its a good thing, less money to spend!
Thanks for all the lovely comments!

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