BJ Penn UFC Fight Night

So last night they ordered the BJ Penn UFC fight on HD and all the usual suspects came over to eat and drink. It was great fun for Z as he got to hang with the boys and eat edamame beans I made. Everyone brought something to eat..the pizza from Antonio's was amazing and so was the meat that T made on the grill outside. There was a lot of food and WAY too much poke to be consumed but the night was super fun..too bad BJ lost..would have definintely made the night. =(


Jill said…
My brothers always go out and watch it, but a UFC night-in sounds like a lot of fun!
Oh man, it looks so good!
Stina said…
Looking at all this food is making me hungry! Good thing I already had dinner. Love the blog

the meat looked burnt on the edges but trust me..they tasted better like that =)
Charmaine Li said…
OMG.. no more food pictures... i've eaten like beast today already.. heheheh mmm yummy picz.. ehhhe
the food looks yummy!
Kay said…
ahh that all looks so good!
Anonymous said…
I love UFC. :] My husband & I watch it all the time.
Unknown said…
Can you post some recipes? the edemame look amazing and a little sweet/ spicy!

I wish you well,

Bridget, The edamame is SUPER easy. You just get the frozen ones in the supermarket, boil water and add them in the water. let the water come back to a boil for about 5 minutes (or whatever the directions say on the package) and then drain. dry off with a napkin and while still hot, add them in a bowl with little bit of sesame oil, salt, and asian chili pepper flakes..not sure what they might be called but they look like red flakes. let it sit for like 30minutes or all day if you like so the flavors can soak in and that's it =) i like it cold so it's always in the fridge..

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