Cloudy Park Days and Bentos

It has been lovely since we got home. I know it's not vacation weather for visitors but it is nice and cool for us local residents for sure! It has been cloudy and in the 70s which makes for nice park weather! We got us some pots and soil to try our hand at herbs in the house and then stopped off at the park. Z had a good time chasing all the birds around.

I made some friend bentos today again. It was the same lemon chicken with this pickled cucumer sesame thing and kinpira gobo..that is my favorite food of all time..

jeans- siwy, shirt- F21, headband- AA, shoes- UO


Love your sandals and that meal sounds delicious.
P.S. Yeah, I wore heels on Sunday b/c I had barely any walking to do. :)
paanie said…
yummy. i love how you share food bits with everyone!
Elizabeth said…
i love your outfit, the sandals are adorable. :]

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