Drastic Change of Temperature

We flew in to Vegas the other night for the trade show next week so we got here and are staying with family. We do this every year and it's usually easy but Z is handling the change a little differently this year. Maybe he's just getting older and knowing what he likes and doesn't like..he wishes he were home. But he is still managing to find things to do that he likes. Its just going to take a few more days to get used to. We walked to the park this afternoon and he had fun on the slides. He saw dandelions for the first time and was so happy to see them blow away. It is freezing cold here. For us, coming from 80 degree weather to 40 degree weather in the day and 30 at night is COLD! My hands felt like they couldn't move from being so numb. I love cold but I need to get used to it again. My mom wanted to go to in-n-out burger after the park and so we got fries and burgers..yummmm!!!!!

edit: I've had a few people ask me about my scarf..there are actually only 2 made. The one I have and the same one but in a pinkish-purple. Which I have as well. It was part of the In4mation women's line that got cut so it never got made. So if I happen to find some secret random one laying around that never knew was made, Ill let you ladies know! =) XOXO

shirt- in4mation, jacket- hellz bellz, scarf- in4mation, leggings- la made, shoes- minnetonka


paanie said…
in and out, yum!
missnonhuman said…
so sad, I've never tried in and out despite the various times I've had the chance to.

as for flat ankle boots... my favorite ones are my thrifted ones, but if you search "black ankle boot" on shopstyle.com and ebay.com you're bound to find something! That's the only search I obsessively look through like every day.
Your scarf is so cool. My friend keeps telling me I need to get to that burger joint...one day.
Stay warm! I still think 40 is cold and right now I'm lucky if it is 30. :(
Aline said…
cute outfit...in n out is my fav

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