Drinking is Bad, Beautiful Weather, and Cops..

Drinking is bad:
Last night was one of those nights..the wildin out kind of night where you get so wasted you don't even remember getting home. I feel bad because I actually threw up which I never ever do. I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have ever puked from drinking my whole life. And it HAD to be while Im staying with parents and mom picked us up and I throw up out her window!!! How embarrassing. I didn't even know I was that drunk until we left the club and it was silent then I was like WHOA...But I HAD to go out. This is probably the one time in years..My old friend I used to fly with came in to town on a layover and wanted to meet up too so that was how it got so crazy.
I'm super sad that I made holes in my tights..these are my fave..that's what having too much to drink will do to you.

Beautiful weather:
Waking up hung over was not fun. But it turned out to be a nice sunny day here and 60 degrees which made for lovely weather! We took Z to the park to play and he had so much fun. It is amazing how many nice parks there are here. At home we hardly have any cool parks to go to.

jeans- jbrand, shoes- havaianas, shirt & scarf - in4mation, jacket- hellz

So after dinner, we are all relaxing and I kept hearing knocking sounds coming from my paren't room but I didn't know how that would be since everything is fenced off and the only door on that side is in the garage. Finally I heard it again and the cats all came flying out of their room and looking in that direction so I told mom and she went to look. Turns out there was a strange guy in the yard and wanting to come in the house! He had climbed over the wall and was knocking on the back window. He had a handcuff on and kept saying someone was trying to kidnap him and he got away and he wanted to come in and please call the cops. Anyway, it took FOREVER for them to send someone and they came and said he was high on something but took him out in handcuffs and we have no idea what happened to him. They had a firetruck and ambulance and all sorts of stuff in front of our house as they talked to the neighbors..I am just a little weirded out because I watch too many crime shows so you can never tell what is happening!! Anyway..at least the cops came and gave Z a fabulous light show outside. I laughed and told my parents now their neighborhood looks like a crime area..HAHAH =)


I love your shirt and scarf--especially together. Sounds like a wild time is being had. Lots of drinks and crazy handcuffed strangers? It would be a scene from "Eyes Wide Shut..."

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