Hello, Pretties!

I know I say this over and over again but I can't help it. I LOVE heels and though I rarely get to wear them or even own any because of the lack of use, I love them and love looking at them. They are so pretty! Anyway, here are a few eye candy for you and myself..I continue to drool..

Also a little peek at the lunch I made for hubby and friend yesterday..the asparagus came out AMAZING!

A friend of mine shoed me a picture of this and this must be the prettiest flat shoes ever!! I MUST HAVE NOW! but at a price tag of over $600 I can only drool:

Flats I WANT:

3 colors that I love equally!


Those flats are gorgeous and I love that pair of heels with the dash of red. All those shoes are very lust-worthy.
i like the first pair!
Love + Cake said…
omg shoe porn!! I love them all. the first pair are goregous...
Thanks for the comment! How've you been?

xoxo, mavi
Ida said…
The first pair is gorgeous but I also love the red-heeled brown sandals. Fantastic picks!
paanie said…
i too love them! i like the bandage ones with red cone heel.
Liv said…
love love love the shoes and your outfit :)

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