Last Day in Vegas..

Today was a beautiful day again. Maybe slightly warmer than yesterday but less sun. It was warm enough to not wear a coat. We walked to the park again and threw rocks up the slide and stopped at In-n-Out burger for the last time. Wished there was one at home. I'm going to miss the cool weather here but looking forward to getting home. I am not looking forward to the humid weather but it will be nice to see our dog again and have my morning coffee that I make every morning. I just hate going on the airplane. Z loves it and I hate it. It's really funny to think I was a flight attendant years ago..I could never do that lifestyle again.

edit: looking at this photo, I realize I def need to exercise more and lose 10 pounds..I can see the love handles at my apologies!

leggings- AA, shirt- T by Alexander Wang, headband- F21


would love to see a close up picture on your tatoos! =)
I don't think you need to look any weight! I love the way you wear your headbands.
It's funny how Z loves to fly and you don't. I think when I was little I just mirrored my sisters' and mother's opinions...if they disliked something I did too. Z must be very independently minded already. :)
missnonhuman said…
i don't know what weight you're talking about but DAYUM I wanna see close ups of your tats. I want to get a 3/4 sleeve so badly but am too scared to :( I got like two eensy little tats but am planning on getting another one in March.
please, you look lovely! I see no love handles.

just discovered your wonderful blog!
Anonymous said…
this is going to sound strange but what size is the tshirt?i can decided what to order:)and your fits you perfectly
it's a medium =) hope that helps you!

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