Windy, Chilly, Sunny

It has been really really amazing the last few days. It has gotten increasingly windy everyday and cooler by the minute. It is a nice refreshing change from our normal humid, hot weather. I took Z to the park today and the mall yesterday. He has so much fun just running up and down the stairs and riding the elevators and escalators. The recession is definitely in effect as the mall was really quiet. Although January and February months are usually slow months for retail..but it was definitely empty everywhere. It made for good times for Z as he had the run of the mall all day long.

Slowly realizing, as I post my outfits, that my closet is overrun by Jbrand jeans...

jeans- jbrand, shoes- UO, shirt- In4mation, jacket- Hellz, headband- F21


Stacy said…
I like your sandles.
I love your tee.
And man do I miss open air malls...of course I wouldn't be able to bear them here!
Unknown said…
great sandals and oh my the second picture is precious!
mat said…
in love with your sandals & top :)
MindlessMatterz said…
Cuties! I love my JBrand jeans... hahaha. I have that awesome shirt too! Twins!

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