Z Loves to Eat the Same Thing Everytime

Z really loves CPK. And he's just like me, we don't try new things. I like trying new foods but if it's just us, then I always end up ordering the same food because I know it tastes good and I can't go wrong there. I like when I eat with others because then we all try different things and get to sample everything. Z is the same. He always wants the buttered fusili pasta and coloring with the crayons. I swear, whenever we are at Kahala, he runs to the restaurant and says "MUM MUM!" "NOOOKNOWS!" I am surprised I actually remembered to take pictures of the food before it was all gone!


Love + Cake said…
Hehe, well buttered noodles ARE pretty delicious... :)
we wear things said…
mm.. i think i'm ready for lunch!

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