Cloudy Weather and Being Sick

I feel like I'm getting sick. I have had the worst allergies for the last few days and then this morning I felt like a trainwreck. My nose was plugged and I had a sore throat and when I coughed, it was yellow! Ugh..the sinuses are making my head hurt. But I have no fever..go figure. Anyway..the weather is really ugly and humid today so I just took Z and went to costco to get our fill of a few necessities. O left this morning and now the house is sooooo's really kind of lonely and sad without that energy she brings HAHAHA

shirt- Hysteric Glamour, shorts- Siwy, shoes- Minnetonka, headband- ASOS


Allie said…
Can I borrow your tattoos for a weekend?
HoneyBunny said…
SO get well drear:*

Nice outfit! I love your tattoos and that headband:)
Your tee is awesome--such a great slogan.
I hope you feel better soon and the weather clears up for you.
the weather has just been awful humid and no wind! the constant changing of weather is making me catch a cold i think!!
Anonymous said…
aww feel better soon! hate the feeling where you KNOW you're getting sick and are just waiting for the impending disease to hit.

LOVE your shirt!
Anonymous said…
ohh what a great outfit:)
absolutely love that shirt!

your blog is very cool, wanna exchange links?
The tatts kick butt ^-^ works well for the whole rocker appeal outfit :) me likey

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