Fun Times, New Job

I wanted to post pics of this past weekend..since I did end up going out and having fun for the few hours we had a was nice to see old friends out that I haven't seen in a while because I never go out..not just old friends..but old homies/family/THE FAM..I miss them.

Today was my first day on the job at Great Harvest Bread Co. I've always wanted to work in the kitchen but never had any restaurant experience so I didn't think I would get this baker position..AND I never thought I would bake in HIGH VOLUME! feet, back, legs, arms are all aching and feel like jello. I was seriously working out for 7 hours..who needs a gym when you lift 50lb bags of flour and 60 pound piles of dough! But it was so much fun and definitely HARD work. Constant moving and no resting for a full 7 hours! And I am sooo not a morning person and I had to be there at 4am which was crazy but I could totally get the hang of it. It was really funny because she called me in and said she wanted me to come in for a hands-on interview and it really meant work and see if it worked for both me and them LOL! I really did have fun and got to actually learn how to make all sorts of breads! Anyway, just thought I would share since it is really nice to have something that I get to do outside the home for 3 days of the week..=) I am posting pics of 2 of the loaves I took home today..the Asiago/Olive one is my fave!


Cinnamon Chip:

Can you believe they were going to throw away this little bit of dough? It was too small to make a full loaf so they were going to throw it away so they said I could knead it and roll it to a small one and take it home when it was done!


Oooh, yum! My mother is obsessed with that bread company. It's funny how certain work exhausts you physically. I worked as a TA one summer and I went home every day with achy legs from chasing and playing with children!
I hope this new job is rewarding for you.
That aint even much trust me, girl trust me, I know.
When I worked in a major grocery store you should have seen how much they threw away EVERY single day.
truly is wastefully disgusting.

On a lighter note. Congrads on the Job...:)
Alice X said…
mmmm that looks soo yum.
Allie said…
Congrats on the new job! I love Great Harvest. Which one are you at?
thanks ladies!! i just really think i needed something to do that was my own thing..i haven't had my own time/ thing since the little man was born so it is my time away from the house which is really nice =)

i'm at the kahala one - hotbot
Rachel Nguyen said…
your tattoos are <3

I'd love to see more shots of them!
Human Racing said…
Delicious! Congratualtions on the new job, and fun pictures. I've never had a job, but I've that some places when I volunteer completely tire me out when they shouldn't. JUST KEEP ON TRUCKIN'. haha
looks delicious!

thanks for the msg :) i've been ok...just waiting to get treated now :o

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