Going to The Shack

We are going to some surf movie premier tonight at The Shack in Waikiki and so we found a friend who could watch Z for a few hours so I can go with..I am sitting at home trying to figure out if my fave find of vintage oxfords will go with my outfit..it's been driving me crazy and I know I wear mismatchy stuff sometimes and I feel like they don't belong together and I say screw it who cares hahhaa..but anyway, it's rare I go anywhere so I want to be comfy but not TOOOOOO comfy that I look like I'm in PJs hahaha..anyway..hopefully it won't be a wierd party and just lots of fun =) This has been a very strange week..anyone else feel like that?

shoes- vintage oxfords, shirt & tights- ASOS, shorts- True Religion


Human Racing said…
Love the shirt- it really shows off your tattoos! Sweet shoes as well.
Those oxfords are awesome. I hope it is a fun party. My week has been a little weird too--I'm glad tonight I won't be sleeping on a couch again. :)
very cute look!
Love + Cake said…
I love the mini shorts and leggings/tights look :D The off the shoulder shirt looks great on you, too!
xx. mavi
Ida said…
Very hippie chic, gotta love it!


P.S. Hope the new week is better.
Allie said…
So your tats go up your shoulders too?? You're my official hero.

Sorry, I don't mean to come off as crazy/scary/creepy tattoo admirer...I'm just envious cause I work in a conservative office environment and could never get away with anything of the sort.

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