Hot Weather is Coming Back...

Oh, the warm humid weather is returning..well at least for a day. We are slowly getting winds again which is nice..I am not a fan of the hot weather and its funny because I live here and have most of my a year or so..but I never liked the humidity..I think I am getting island fever and need to get off the rock for a bit..I would love to move somewhere for a year or so but that is impossible for now....oh the near future..

I made Giada's champagne risotto and it was sooo yummy.

shirt- In4mation, shorts- True Religion, shoes- Steve Madden, headband- some feathered string attached to shorts

sorry for the mess in the background...hubby needs to put away his clothes!


I just love the easy feel of this outfit. Also that dish looks incredible. I love Giada--she's my favorite chef on the Food network. :)
P.S. It was warm here for a couple of days, nearly 70...and then today it was in the 30s. :(
paanie said…
yum. i wish i could cook like you.
XS, you acn totally cook like me!!! i always start with original recipes then tweak them to my own =)
Allie said…
Hey! I found your blog through The Clothes Horse; I love it when I can come across fellow Hawaii bloggers.

Ok, and your tattoos are siiiick!

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