Mall Rats

We went to Ala Moana for the second time this week. Sometimes there is more fun there then there is to actually go to a kids place. (Although we hardly have any kids play places here!) Z loves to run around and throw coins in the water with the taro plants, run up the escalators and stop at Panya to eat their sweet bread. He loves that place. Luckily, my old friend wasn't working so I didn't have to have another one of those awkward moments. It's not that I'm not glad to see these people, it's just too much anxiety to feel uncomfortable wondering what I should talk about. HAHAHA

This weekend, my little attempt to be a plant grower is succeeding!! So far, the basil and thyme or rosemary (can't figure out which because they seem to have moved from where I planted in the pot) are sprouting! The chinese parsley hasn't yet done anything but I am so happy! I swear, I look at them 10 times a day! YAY!!!!

pants- ASOS, shirt- Nation LTD, scarf- In4mation, headband- F21, shoes- UO

I love my harem pants because they are so comfy, but I feel I look like a balloon...Oh well, I like them anyway so screw it!


thank you<3

I love your scarf and those pants are so perfect!! i wish i could wear them!! =]

Your scarf is so cool and I think you rock the harem pants. Ala Moana is seriously my favorite mall...and not even for the shops, just the ambiance.
P.S. I usually use a self-timer and tripod. The first pic in my DC set was taken by a friend, but other than that I balanced my camera someplace random and posed. I'm awkward in front of others as well.
hah the kid sticking his head into the reminds me of "My wife & kids" episode in which the Mr.Kyle pushes kaddy into the pool so they can get discount at the restaurant...haha...

anyways...The outfit is killer yet casual...:)

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