Monday Again

It's a new week..and mondays are always pretty lazy because the Discovery Center is closed on mondays so that leaves us to troll the mall for a few hours. Z doesn't like to shop at all so he has me walking around in circles in the mall going up and down elevators and escalators and feeding the coins to the poor fishes in the ponds. Sometimes I want to stop in and look at things but he won't allow it so I guess that is best for my wallet! =)

On another note, today I ran into an old friend who I used to see out all the time. He was working at our favorite bread/bakery in the mall. I haven't seen him in over 4 years and I found myself feeling very awkward, trying to find words to say. I feel like as I get older, I become more and more like a hermit and keep to myself and my tiny circle of friends that I have nothing to say to people in the past. Not that I don't care, but I just have nothing to say to connect anymore. I have always been shy and had bad anxiety but only realized it more as I get older. I always thought that as I got older I would grow out of those moments and yet I know now that those feelings have grown more intense...strange.

jeans- Diesel, shirt & headband- F21, shoes- Steve Madden


Elizabeth said…
i love that outfit! ecspecially with the shoes and headband! :-)
Great, comfortable style.
I never know what to say to old friends either...sometimes I avoid them almost to the point of rudeness b/c I'm terrified of all those awkward, quiet moments...
i know! you and I sound alike =) i am totally the same way about people..i avoid avoid because of how awkward it may be. even phone calls i'm not good with!

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