Visitors and DinDin!

My old friend who I used to work with in NY (who now lives in SF) came to visit me and stay at our house for 5 days..she graced us with AWESOME cooking..Mexican cooking!!!! It was sooo amazingly yummy and so easy to make and fast!! It was yummmmmmm and it helps she is a comedian as well. She said it was called calavacitas and it was the best thing ever..i have to make it every week for a year I think! =)

sorry I couldn't get a better picture of the final product but it was impossible to get one without everything falling out! But trust me, it was delish!


Ellie Lee said…
Yum! I love wraps!:D And this one looks so good!
Ida said…
I feel super hungry now;) Suddenly my pizza is not even tasty enough *lol*

Allie said…
Holy smokes, I am starving.
Rachel Nguyen said…
OH man, I am a SUCKER for homemade mexican food.

Feed me! :)
Love + Cake said…
Yumm!! That looks so delicious! :D:D
MMMmm...delicious! Hey, I live in Honolulu too. We should be friends! xxoxoxoxo
paanie said…
it sure looks delish. hope you gals had fun!

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