Black & White & Friday Fireworks

This past friday, we took Z to see the fireworks in Waikiki as promised...he is really into fireworks lately..he's so funny. We went to see it and it was sooo pretty...and he cried when it was over. But it was short lived as soon as we sat down at the pool area to get drinks at the bar, he got excited because there was live music and a lot of space to run like a madman.

I've been feeling really boring lately..I think it's because I am always so tired from work that one my days off I just want to do nothing and not get dressed!! Today was one of those days...since all we had to do was go on a grocery run, I felt like having no color in my outfit..I usually have plain white shirts and jeans, but I like to have bright colors at least on my shirt..but today, I chose just black and white...

jeans- Jbrand, shirt- Hellz, headband- F21


Allie said…
Eh, screw it. We live in Hawaii. We deserve to not get dressed up every once in a while.

Ok, maybe everyday :) Frankly, dressing for work everyday makes me just want to wear pj's the rest of the time.
Those dark jeans look great.
Fireworks are wonderful--my sister's favorite holiday is the 4th of July b/c she loves fireworks and junk food. :) Z sounds so sweet.

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