Love Spaghetti

Meat Sauce Spaghetti..I used my flat leaf parsley that I was growing for the garlic bread!!!! and just because I love pasta so much, I'm making another spaghetti dinner that I use for regular Hambaguu bentos..but cutting it up and putting it in spaghetti sauce..I really do love pasta a can tell by my tubbiness LOL

The wierd weather is still hanging around and is making me feel funky..I feel lazy and just want to sleep all day long...I dread the 3am alarm when I have to go to work but I really do love my job..isn't that funny? I sometimes wonder if I love it because it's just something I can do for myself away from home..which I haven't done in years so it makes me happy hahaha

shorts- F21, shirt- Hellz, shoes- UO


Allie said…
Oh god, it's so lunch time. I'm salivating at your spaghetti.
Cute tee shirt. Your meals always sound the best.
It's nice you love your job--I wouldn't dwell too much on the reasons behind that! :)
P.S. The pictures were shot on my college campus--the first by our creek and the other set in the fields known as "sex fields." Our school has a no sex it is rumored that people go to the fields to have sex...I have been lucky enough to never stumble across such a couple!
。 。 。 said…
Your spaghetti is making my stomach grumble. Your shoes are cute, too!
missnonhuman said…
omg I think I am drooling at your food picture right now... it is 2:38AM and now all I want is spaghetti and garlic bread.
Rachel Nguyen said…
Love the sandals... it's too hot for high heels and boots right now..

I need a similar pair to yours!
Claire Geist said…
1)your tats are awesome with that shirt..or anything for that matter
2)that pasta looks AMAZING!

great blog,dear!
Our warm weather comes and goes! It was nearly 80 this weekend and then in the 40s yesterday and we had severe thunderstorms today! I cannot keep up with it!

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