Out With the Stitches

Today, I had to take Z to the doctors to get his stitches out. It was sooooo traumatizing..I cannot believe he had to go through that. The ER doc had made the stitches too tiny so it was really hard to get them out and his cut was bleeding and he kept saying owwwww I felt so bad..but once it was over he was such a trooper..he had to get some sterstrips on his cut because some parts had started to bleed.. I had to get him his fave french fries and vanilla milkshake. I really think that kids should not have to go through those things until they are bigger and can understand what is going on...makes you feel so helpless when you can't do anything while they cry for you...

super casual- shorts- True Religion, tank- F21, headband- ASOS


Love + Cake said…
Awww :( Glad he's doing better.

Great outfit, love the headband!

xx. mavi
Poor Z! I swear french fries and a milkshake were my cure-all when I was little too. :)
Saint said…
awesome shorts, exatly what i need in my life. milkshakes are what the world rotates for! x


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