I haven't posted in a few because I have been extremely tired lately. I have no idea why...maybe all the lack of sleep the last month has caught up with me..I'm not sure..on sunday, I slept over 12 hours..which was a first for me and I felt absolutely refreshed when I woke up..but then monday came, back to the waking up at 3am routine and then it's just been downhill HAHAHA...so sorry for the lack of food posts!!!

This was my outfit on saturday...we just went to the mall with Z and played with the fishes...got in trouble from the security telling us not to feed them the fish food..it wasn't even ours!!! Some guy with his kid across the way gave it to us and we got in trouble hahaha

jumper- F21, vest- Sass & Bide, headband- ASOS


That jumper is so great!
Too bad about security--what's so terrible about giving them actual fish food? French fries I could see being a problem, but fish food for fish...?

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