Spicy Spicy Spicy!

The other night, I made a spicy tofu dish to eat with rice because I got a whole bunch of tofu from work. They always throw it away when they get the new batch and it JUST expires from the SELL BY date..which it isn't spoiled but he rather use the new one so he lets us take them home..pretty awesome. I made this tofu thing that was super yummy and could be eaten with rice but we ended up eating just plain...This morning I made kimchee fried rice with the left overs and it was soo yummy!! Thank goodness L is a friend of mine..she teaches me all these korean dishes..=)


Kimchee fried rice? That sounds delicious!
P.S. Your package got here--thank you sooo much! I'm already wearing the tee and there will be pics on Thursday. :)
Anonymous said…
Spicy asian food is deeeelllllllisssh!
Annie said…
ooooh, the rice looks AMAZING. wow. I'm so hungry all of a sudden!

love your blog, your sense of style is really sweet!
Eda said…
Looks delicious!
paanie said…
looks good! i'm hungry now.
Unknown said…
The food looks so yummy xoxox
Jessie said…
Yuuuummm omg this looks sooo delish! Great job! Mmm I love kimchi fried rice! <3 ahh I love korean food fullstop lol =D

Unknown said…
hihi! kimchi fried rice is yummy eh!! I love spicy food! thanks for the idea :)
Anonymous said…
How/where/when can I get these recipes. I especially want the tofu recipe, as I am trying a bunch of new things with tofu after freezing it..

Let me know!


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