Coma Please

I have been sick for 3 weeks now...for 1 week I was sick with the wrst flu ever..then the morning sickness kicked in so severe that I was throwing up and could not even get out of bed. Doc says I have hyperemesis gravidarum or severe morning sickness and all the remedies, including meds, have not worked...its been a battle of forcing myself to drink gatorade all day and trying to eat as gross as it makes me feel s I don't throw far I haven't thrown up in over a week but the constant seasick feeling will not go away and I have been stuck at home losing it. I keep hoping that one day I will wake up and feel completely better but that day hasn't come. I would love to be in a induced coma until that day comes but that's self pity is lame and I apologize to you readers but I needed an outlet somewhere since I think poor hubby is losing it himself having to do everything in the house...I hope to get better soon so that I can get back to enjoying food and wearing clothes while they still fit me!! Xoxo


apricot tea. said…
Aww, you poor thing!!! I really hope you start feeling better. I don't have any experience with morning sickness, but I pray that it starts to let up for you. It sound awful! ;[
Laura Mullins said…
aww, i'm so sorry. i've definitely been there- not specifically, but i had a lot of health problems in high school. just remember: you will get better! even if it takes awhile. before you know it, you'll be thinking back like, "oh yeah, that time i was really sick..." it sounds silly, i know, but it's true!
Amanda said…
Aww feel better! I miss seeing your posts on AF and come to think of it, I stalk your blog pretty regulary. Get some rest :)
thanks!!! i am slowly starting to feel stronger so hopefully i can get back to posting again on AF..=) xoxo
Ah, that's terrible. I really hope you feel better soon.

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