Trying on Clothes

Today is the first day in almost a month that I felt strong enough to actually put on something OTHER than my PJs..I haven't left the house in weeks..just about 4 times for the doctor or one trip to the grocery store that made me wish I stayed home...I keep hoping there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I will wake up one morning and be totally nausea free and able to enjoy life..I am starting to get a little depressed from being stuck at home everyday and being sick and feeling like throwing up.

Anyway, since I wasn't stuck to the bed or sofa today, I decided to look through my closet and see what I felt like putting on just for least while I can still fit everything I would love to be able to get to wear things before I get too big....thankfully, my belly may be getting bigger even though I've lost weight, I can still fit my clothes and they are loose! =) I put on my lovely pair of Siwys, which I love but haven't even gotten to use them much and I can't wait to get better and wear them out at least 1 more time before I get fat =)

Sorry for the bad pic..the camera is in the car and I am in my house..hence, stuck using the camera on my computer..sorry!

jeans- Siwy, shirt- F21


Allie said…
I really really hope you feel better soon. And I know your hubs knows how grateful you are for him taking care of you and Z :) Still sending you the good health {{{vibes}}}

And those jeans, by the way...SICK!
apricot tea. said…
I hope you feel better soon. I cannot imagine what you are going through, & I can't blame you for feeling depressed. But you look beautiful! I love the ripped white jeans. I always try to stay away from white bottoms... but maybe I should give it a go.
thanks guys! and YES! white is awesome..just for me, i have a hard time staying clean!!!
dirtyflaws said…
ahhh you are too cute !
Eri said…
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Hope to see you soon.

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