Has It Been That Long?

OMG..I didn't even realize that it has almost been a month since my last post!! I'm so sorry!! I have been plagued with random things..and being sick and now Z is sick!! I've grown so much that it scares me..I'm so huge I look like I'm 5-6 months preggo and I'm only almost 4!!! I'm afraid to see what will happen at 7 months!! It may NEVER go back!!!! I don't know what is going on because I'm still the same weight but bigger all around..I feel like it may be a girl at how WIDE I've gotten. With Z, I wasn't wide..it was all in front so from the back you couldn't even tell I was pregnant even at 7 months! But this one, I've LOST my waistline and I'm just wider everywhere and I've got bigger lovehandles on my waist! YUCK! Anyway..couple more weeks til we find out what it is...but in the meantime, last night I felt like making a cake and the cake mixes were on sale so I made a yellow cake with chocolate pudding and whipped cream..that's the best without frosting..light and yummy..but I forgot to take a pic of the final product so you only get a pic of the chocolate pudding..heeehee

jeans- F21, shirt- Nation LTD, scarf- UO


Allie said…
You're hapai?? Congrats!

And you look great, not wide at all :) xoxo
Mary said…
Don't worry, you look very cute
You are one of the cutest pregnant ladies I've EVER seen! You wear it well. :]
sunnywave said…
omg!!! your baby belly is sooo cute!!!! :) hope you feel better soon. xoxoxo miss you!!!
Miiicha said…
Looks Yamiii ! ||

Love Miiicha
Keri said…
Hi Cass, congrats! First of all, you are not HUGE and second, everyone gets bigger sooner with their second child. Besides, you still look great:) Happy belated bday to Z.

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