Slowly Trying to Get Back Into The Kitchen

I haven't been able to cook because the smells make me want to throw up..

I started cooking a little at a time sometimes having to wear a mask so I don't smell things. The other night I made the spicy korean beef soup. And I felt like eating pasta salad so I went and bought the ingredients and made it. It was so yummy and light and refreshing. I love cold pasta salad!!!!

On another note, the weather here has been insanely hot. I think every year, it gets worse and worse. It's hot and humid...and being over 90 degrees is crazy!!! There is no relaxing and you can't even sit in the shade without dying of humidity!! UGH!!!


Laura Mullins said…
ooo, i LOVE cold pasta salad too! it's always, always good. that one looks incredible! what kind of dressing did you use?
i actually just used kraft zesty italian dressing!! =)
paanie said…
yum. i'd have both!

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