Coin Machines

Yesterday, K and K wanted to go to the aquarium so they picked us up and took was fun..all 30 minutes! LOL It's hard to find things for the kids to do for long hours..$6 for 30 minutes..guess that was ok. Z was facinated by the coin machine. The one that you put the penny in and it flattens it out and makes a print on it? Anyway..he kept trying to turn it even when it was done. He didn't even want to penny he just wanted to play with the machine.

I got these sandals from revolve for dirt cheap but I am still debating if I need them..especially because they come up to my ankles and I hate my ankles..I feel like I have cankles! Anyway..I think I will keep. =) Sorry for the hair..Just took a shower about to take Z to the zoo for the day.

shirt- T by Alexander Wang, shorts- Siwy, sandals- MIA


Allie said…
Are you crazy??! No cankles! Not at all.

Love Z's curls.
Those sandals are great. Ooh, I love the aquarium--crazy kids I could spend hours there...of course I was probably like that once too. :)
missnonhuman said…
ooh I love your outfit, it's simple perfection. and god your sleeves look so good peeking out... makes me want more ink.
nath said…
great shoes
kelsea said…
i lovvve your shoess!! and the sleeves make the simple outfit awesome!!
btw if you want to know how to make bigger pics on your blog, just upload them to photobucket and then to blogger. they will stay the original giant size.
ljkc said…
Hi TofusCloset :) I came across you randomly one day and just LOVE your outfit-sharing! You look fabulous.


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