Yay For Food!

So the other morning, I made fried rice for Z because we were stuck at home all day and had to make do with what we had in the fridge. I have been starting to chop carrots really tiny and pre-boiling them so that I can add them to these sorts of foods..that way it adds a lot of extra color and a little more nutrition for Z and he can't even taste it..

Tonight I decided to make kalua cabbage with rice for dinner.  I just like the cabbage part with rice LOL. It's funny how much the veggies shrink..I took a pic of the pot when I put in all the cabbage and then after it was done cooking. Half gone! LOL

Oh! I was so happy that I finally found a pair of capris that actually fits my growing belly..the rise is so low that it is button-able without being sizes too big LOL!! So happy..so I wore it today!

top- Joie, jeans- R&R, scarf- mom's


Your fried rice looks delicious. And your camisole is so soft and sweet looking.
kelsea said…
never stop cooking. your food looks amazing
Vanessa said…
You've got a really great simple style! Thanks for sharing. :)

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