Slacking but I DO Have an Excuse..Sort Of

So I am another month between posts and I am just the laziest human ever..I don't know why I can't post new pics more often since I am home most of the time lately. I've just been absolutely miserable and HUMONGOUS that I don't have anymore clothes that fit me!! I swear if I find something to wear I am happy!! I miss wearing my clothes and jeans and just dressing in clothing other than my shorts and tank..I swear I have swollen ankles already as they have disappeared!! I HAVE CANKLES!! And I've just gotten wide..I'm sad..=(

I HAVE been cooking somewhat..I made corn chowder and this pork loin for hubby but I forgot to take a pic.

We had a night where we went to a friend's bar where they make awesome pizzas...V-Lounge near Ala was yummy....

I have so many things I am eyeing out that I wish I could buy but I cannot buy anything since I don't know what size I need for after the baby and it's not like I have any money to spare on excess!! LOL

We have been going to football games when it's at home because Z is absolutely obsessed with them..we can't even leave early even when I feel terrible because he has to stay until the end..he is hilarious and cheers them on and says, "DEFENSE!"

jeans- F21, shoes- steve madden, tank- C&C California, cardigan- UO


Katlin said…
hey, allie told me about another local blogger! i'm sure the wait to wear what you want and buy what you want will be all worth it when the little one is here! do you know what you are having yet? i've heard about the pizza at v-lounge, i really need to get over there and try it! heard it's amaaaazing!
Anonymous said…
simple and chic outfit! xx
Chia-Hui Ma said…
I am a new blogger, but I have been following urs for a long time. I love the comfy food you make for ur family! They aklways looks so yummy. I tried to make that tofu dish u did once! it didnt look the same as urs.. :( I cant wait to see more new dishes!
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