Little Peanut

This is why I've been so busy!! I promise I'll start posting again soon!!


Allie said…
Congratulations :)
Anonymous said…
Ooh, congratulations!
Yaaaa Kawaii!
sunnywave said…
yay yay yay!!!! so sweet!!!! xoxox
TrendDoll said…
Cassie I'm so proud of you mama!
iam.mai said…
awwww <3 cutie pie.
Félicitation !!! So cute ! Remind me mine ! And he wear a lovely bodysuit !
What a sweet baby!
I don't even remember how I ran across your blog but I have been following you on and off - I just wanted to say congratulations on the new addition to your family! Hope you are all enjoying every second of baby time! =)
Maeko said…
You are and were the cutest mummy fashion blogger evar!

I'm totally RSS'ing you on Google Reader and wonder, would you like to exchange blog links? Looks like we have a couple of mutual blog friends.


Wrecked Stellar said…
Awww congratulations!! So precious!

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