So I haven't been posting much but I came across this picture of Nikki Taylor and how AMAZING she looks post baby..she doesn't look like she's had 3 children!!! And omg her kids are GORGEOUS! Her teenage boys are beautiful!! LADYKILLERS..

I know I know random post but I just had to post it because I couldn't get over it!

images via PEOPLE


MindlessMatterz said…
OMG... her boys are sooooooo ridiculously good-looking... so cute!
Keri said…
hi cass! how's life with the boys? congrats again and can't wait to meet lil' r.

just checking to see if z ever started school. p finally started a couple months ago and amazingly, LOVES it now!

pop over to our blog to say hi sometime :) take care
I'd kill for her legs? Yes please?

BTW, I'm hosting a giveaway of some sephora beauty products.

If you want to check it out, here's the link: http://bit.ly/cBdg5O

You haven't posted in awhile. I hope all is going well!

xx, Maeko
Laura Mullins said…
woww, she sure does! hope that happens to me! (:
iam.mai said…
i've always thought she was beautiful, but somehow when women become mothers there is a different kind of "glow" to them.

thanks for your support as always with my jewelry line! good luck with your babies <3

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