Boys Rule

I always thought I wanted a girl but I am so happy that I have 2 boys who are so awesome. They are so funny in their own way and they look so different yet still look like brothers.

A friend at work got a new puppy, following the tragedy of her last puppy, this one I hope will bring her new memories that will help ease some of the pain from the loss...and he's so adorable..nameless, but adorable!!!! He is just a litle ball of fluff and has that sweet puppy smell..reminds me of R who has this intoxicating baby smell that I can't get enough of =)

My birthday was yesterday and it was a mellow one..I am not much for doing things on my is just another day..but my co-workers bought me a cake ! LOL

I did end up getting rid of all my hair and I don't mourn the loss!! I thought I would hate it and I dont..I actually love it and love the way it feels to be hair if only it would grow an inch, then I don't have to cover it with a scarf anymore and I can dye it blonde!!! I cant wait!!!

Sorry that my posts are so ALL OVER THE PLACE..somehow mu mind can't seem to focus on anything these days and I seem to write/type as my mind is going!


Allie said…
The boys are adorable, and when I scrolled down I was expecting some Amber Rose minus the blonde shiz but you're looking cute!

Did you come to the store today?
no i didn'y!!! i might go by this week though..when you work? =) whats app me hahaha
iam.mai said…
i wanna see more clear photos of your hurrr!!! it looks really cute in that photo!
Unknown said…
lovely pics xxx
sunnywave said…
happy birthday, cassie! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!!! thank you so much for coming to squirrel's bday, we were sooo happy you guys could be there! love love love!!

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