Birthday Summer

We've been having hectic weekends lately because Z has all his classmates birthday's to attend..on top of having uncle Keith's bday last night..Z has had a lot of cake which is his favorite..=)

I've been trying to take Z out to get his energy spent but it also makes me extra tired!!!! Z has found he loves the beach more than ever and loves making everyone laugh..I think he's going to be an entertainer when he grows up...

Last night we had the best food ever..I swear, everytime we have BBQs, Todd's food gets better and better...i don't know how much better it can get!!! He made his famous oven fried chicken (sorry I forgot to take a picture of the final product) and his boneless kalbi, which I was stoked about because I can actually EAT it..usually it has bones and I don't like the texture of the chewy fat and stuff so I never eat..I'm not big on meat in the first place so it makes it more yucky to have stuff that is chewy!! But this time it was boneless and it was yummy!!!!!

We got Liliha Bakery chantilly cake for Keith's bday and it is the best ever! I could eat it all by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Bday Keith!

Z trying to blow out Keith's candles!!!!


cute! happy fourth!
Antonia Serio said…
Nice :)
Come into my blog if you want :)

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