Empanadas and Beaches..

I am really loving the buzzed hair..and Apricot Tea told me it's called the Chelsea Haircut..because I left the bangs..I have dyed it blonde..like platinum blonde today but I think I want to dye it back to brown.I'm not sure if I actually like it it's soooo drastic and I don't like people looking at me so this is totally opposite of that and I'm not liking that!!! But I feel like I put my scalp through hell today that I should just keep it until it grows out and I can buzz it off or it will have been for nothing..UGH decisions..not good for indecisive people like me!

I made empanadas  the other day and it came out amazing...just need to make the dough thinner and it would be perfect!!! Wished I had gotten a pic of it when I cut it open..sorry I forgot!

Z has been playing with his friends at the beach afterschool and he has so much fun....I sliced my fingers on the immersion blender so thank goodness for my friend Lisa or I wouldn't be able to take him because I can't get my hand wet!!!

Anyway, sorry so short but I am having the hardest time typing with my fingers up in peace sign position..=(

first day

second day

third day

yes, I have toy story band aids on!


Allie said…
zomg! I am digging the hair. I'd neeeever have the guts to do it.
MindlessMatterz said…
Love your hair, Cass! So dang cute!
sunnywave said…
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE HAIR!!!! :) You are awesome!!!! :)
Kaminoke chooo kakkoiiiiiiyo!!!!
I hope your fingers get better soon! Ouch!
Aney Mei said…
You managed to pull off the hair extremely well!!

It pains me to see cuts only because I get them on a daily basis at work from cutting lemons and limes (I'm a part-time bartender at a restaurant). Your cuts sound much worse though considering that they came from a blender! Hope the toy story bandaids do a good job of helping your fingers heal! :P
ouch your fingers =[ feel better. those empanadas look so good.
Keri said…
hi cass, we love the hairs! just checkin to see how the fam is doing (since my hubs never forwards me your updates...grrr) and i had to see your latest cutie! so lucky, now you have 3 boys to love and take care of.

are you back at GH? what sku does z go to? i'm sure he loves it!

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