Lazy Beach Days and My Boys

There has been a lot of beach going lately..especially because it's summer and it's really hot.

Z is really into taking pictures and he uses my old camera to take pictures of his friends and his bowling set..he LOVES to play bowling..OMG =) He also likes to copy me and make faces that I make it's hilarious!

I have been making a lot of burritos lately..just simple ones with black beans, cheese, chicken, whole wheat tortilla, and hot's so simple but soooo yummy!!!! I'm NEVER going to lose the last 15 lbs of baby weight and it's killing me =( Sorry, I meant to take a picture after it was done cooking but we ate it too fast! HAHAHA

Hair is growing out to this crazy mid stage that I do not is getting a little longer so i can actually put a scarf on it and make it lay flatter...but I can't wait til it grows another inch so I can actually have it lay flat and look like a boy cut =)

The boys..My little peanut and lovebug..=)


Allie said…
OMG how cute are you and the boys?? Even more so in person ♥
jennifer said…
you have the cutest kids, how do you do it? you're such a chic mama! i have a 2 month old, baby tips please!!
allie: <3!!!!!! you are amazing in person!!!!

jennifer: omg..i so do not feel nearly as "fun" with kids hahaha but your baby is only 2 months old so at 2 months, for both kids i was soooooo not even leaving my house!! i stayed home, was in PJs all day, and badly needed a haircut but i think at 2 months, it's hard to make time for yourself when its all about baby! =) in a few months you'll be back to being able to dress up and fix up yourself hahaha trust me i'm still a work in progress!! HAHAHA and my baby is 7 months now!! LOL
Mae Lu said…
Those are the most adorable kids ever. (This means a lot coming from someone without a nurturing bone in her body. :P)

I can't believe you went blond! That's insane!!!

I love these photos. It makes me believe I might actually have fun with mummy-hood! (In 4-5 years, when I'm ready.)

Mae Lu, thereafterish.
Sabina said…
Lovely blog!
I would like to invite you to mine - I think you will really like it :))
Also, the main reason for my invitation is that I want to invite you to join my Challenge - just click on the link at the very top of my left sidebar and see what it is - I hope you will find it exciting :)
In any case - I hope you enjoy my blog and of course feel free to follow me if you do! ;)

Much love,
sunnywave said…
xoxoxo love these pictures!!! so great that we got to play and see you two days in a row this week end!!!! xoxoxo
Kimberellie said…
Those pics of you and your boy are SO CUTE! How fun that he copies your faces!
iam.mai said…
cassie i LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair!!!!
Paulie Antiques said…
hi! i am your new follower! return the favor? hope to be friends!

love, polly :D
missnonhuman said…

Alui H said…
You've inspired me to start a blog. Found you when searching for outfit ideas during pregnancy. Oh... got a ways to go before I'm back in my pre-prego gear, but totally inspired by your fresh sense of fashion and honesty in what you write. lots o' love.

yoshi said…
holy cow little z is so BIG now!!!! and WTH! your hair is actually shorter than mine! you go girl! i miss you guys - send my love to the fam!!!

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